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How do guys feel about pet names? I'm talking simple pet names, like "Baby" or "Hun." Not ridiculous things like "Snuggle-wuggle pokey boo!

"Angel Pakc" (2018-08-22)

So long as pet names develop organically men are usually cool with them. It's when the pet names are dropped too soon or come across as painfully forced that it becomes annoying or uncomfortable.

In fact, most guys would prefer an organic petname like "Smungle Bips" to "SweetyIF the "Smungle Bips" was gained through honest means. For example, maybe your man was accosted by a drunk hobo-magician named Smungle Bips, and the name became a special thing for you guys; a name that is rooted in a shared and silly experience. 
An honest Smungle is far better then being called "Boo" after ½ a lunch date. "Slow down, Anna. How can I be your boo? We haven't even ordered drinks yet."

Of course, the other side to this whole topic is the pet name is public. Most men don't want to be called boo, Poppsy or Smungle Bips when surrounded by friends or colleagues. Pet names are like... saliva; meant to be exchanged and shared with discretion, not spit out any old time.

Follow these 2 rules: earning the name, and using it with discretion, and your shmuggly wuggly will be as happy slappy as a pookee bear-bear in la la land.

Ok, Kitten? 

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