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Travel Insurance for Your Asia Travel Trip

"Rickey McVilly" (2019-03-11)

When you are planning to travel Asia it is always recommended that you must have travel insurance, especially for China, India, Japan and Thailand. If you are looking for adventure in your holiday like trekking, parachuting, riding etc. it is very difficult to find travel insurance accordingly. Now the question arise how can find the right travel insurance plan. Most of the holiday travel insurance plan will allow some limited adventure activities; depending on your prior experience they put restriction on it. If you are expert in trekking, riding, parachuting then this travel insurance will cover your all risk otherwise they will denied coverage. 

Travel Insurance policies cost is around 5% to 7% of your total trip. It covers some risk like trip cancellation, medical services during the traveling, travel interruption, and emergency travel assistance service. You must have understood the policy before purchasing any travel insurance policy. It may or may not be cover full coverage of travel trip.

Trip cancellation insurance covers nonrefundable expenses, medical services and emergency travel assistance services covers you during your travel trip. Some insurance companies have changed their insurance policy because of terrorism. They have changed the terrorism provision in their insurance to include domestic as well as international attacks. You can ask about the details of domestic and international acts of terrorism and more importantly, what's not covered in your insurance policy.

Travel delay coverage is also available in the market. It defers extensively from policy to policy. Some travel insurance policies covers medical risk only. If you are injured or become ill and need some medical treatment. The medical service during traveling policy will cover all your medical expenses. If you travel to a remote location, medical evacuation insurance is so critical.

Now hospitals are very open to accept travel insurance in Asia, some hospitals are accept cash only, and then you will get reimbursed by your travel insurance company.

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