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The Importance Of Quality Backlinks For SEO

"Adriene Bath" (2019-03-11)

Quality backlinks play a critical role in the field of search engine optimization and can have a tremendous impact on the amount of traffic that you generate.  Without backlinks pointing to your site, it can be extremely difficult generating traffic on a daily basis.  This will give you the ability to continuously drive in new traffic day after day.

backlinks seo importanceThere are many factors that decide your position on the search engines.  The higher you are on the search engines, the more inclined people will be to click on your website.  Conveniently enough, joomla backlinks are one of the top things search engines look at when rating your website. 

In case you are an internet newbie, backlinks are the links scattered around the web that point back to your site.  You will find these links on forums, blogs, and any other websites that are willing to put your link on it.  The more backlinks you have around the internet, the better chance you have of increasing your traffic volume.

If you think about it, your site is worthless if nobody knows ABOUT US page it.  That is like having the worlds largest Wal-Mart in the middle of the desert and not telling anybody about it; you probably will not get much business.  But having backlinks scattered across the internet will get the word out about your website.  As someone runs across it on another site, they may click on the link and be directed to your site.

Now that you know what backlinks are and how they can benefit you, you probably want to know how to get them.  There are several effective methods to getting backlinks pointing toward your website.  The most popular and well known method is link trading.  This consists of you trading your link to someone else for their link.  This requires you to place their link somewhere on your website in agreement that they will place your link on their website.

If you truly want to benefit from this method, try to trade links only with websites that have a page rank the same as yours or higher.  This will stand out to the search engines and increase your rank.

Another method is writing articles and submitting them to directories.  The way this becomes a quality backlink is through the resource box at the bottom of the article.  You are allowed to write a couple sentences about yourself or your business and place a link to your website in the resource box.  As you submit your articles to thousands of article directories, people can click on your link.

These are a couple of the more effective methods to getting backlinks, but there is a plethora of other ways including posting in forums and backlinksgenerator sending out newsletters or chain emails.  Whatever methods you opt to use, it is essential that you have as many quality backlinks pointing back to your site as possible.