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K-3 Visa - Spouse Visa Processing

"Melvin Gerlach" (2019-03-05)

K-3 Visa - Spouse visa processing is a rather lengthy and complicated process that involves several steps. It should be ideally made through an authorized immigration law firm that has extensive experience with US immigration laws, policies, regulations and procedures. Normally, K-3 Visas are issued to those people whose spouses are US citizens.

The time duration of K-3 Visa - Spouse visa processing varies greatly on the basis of the applicants circumstances, nationality and the concerned embassy. The whole process will take around 5 to 7 months. Incorrectly filled out forms and varying degrees of inefficiency of visa granting governmental agencies can lag the processing of the K-3 Visa - Spouse visa application. If your part of filing and submission of visa application is done in the correct way and through proper channel, you can reduce the spouse visa processing time to a great extent.

K-3 Visa processing is generally performed at the concerned USCIS (US Citizenship and Kỳ Nghỉ Đông Dương Immigration Services) office and Ky Nghi Dong Duong at the Consulate. Before applying for Kỳ Nghỉ Đông Dương the K3 Visa, an applicant must fulfill certain qualification requirements. They include:

 Must be married to a U.S. citizen who has filed a pending Petition for Alien Relative, Form I-130.

 Must be shown as the beneficiary on an approved I-129F form

 Must seek admission to the U.S. to wait for the completion of the immigration process.

If the applicant satisfies the above conditions, he or she can go forward with the visa application procedures. The supporting documents to be produced at the time of submission of application form are:

 Legal certificates supporting birth, marriage, divorce and death.

 Valid passport

 Medical exam report from an approved physician or hospital

 Police certificate

Though the whole immigration process involves a number of tedious steps, you can bring your alien spouse to stay together in the US in the shortest possible time if you seek expert consultation from an approved immigration attorney. Based on your unique circumstances, he will definitely find the best strategy to facilitate your K-3 Visa - Spouse visa processing.