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Buy and sell Main Coffee Roaster Machine Mars Roaster In HCM City and Hanoi.

"Hayley Rosenbaum" (2019-03-03)

Wherever coffee roasters are good is the first question of many coffee business customers and customers often use coffee. Depending on your preferences, there are many types of coffee cooking machines available. The espresso market is booming, not only pure coffee retailers sprouting everywhere, nevertheless the espresso market is booming in many other respects. A series of coffee charcoal grill were born and a series of coffee roasting machines which may have been growing.

may rang ca phe chinh hangUSE MODERN TECHNOLOGY - 2 YEAR WARRANTY






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As well as the information about dirty coffee, doped espresso... has a bad impact on health, the demand for clean coffee, real coffee is increasing. Caffeine shops equipped with small capacity roasting machines, caffeine roasters directly at the cafe are always the favourite destination of coffee fans.

Roasting machine is an essential machine for espresso shops dedicated to espresso enthusiasts. Selecting reputable caffeine roasting brands, maintenance warranty specifics, good customer service and after-sales is not a simple thing.

Duong Thanh Coffee Roaster Company would like to introduce to you the range of roasting machine products that the corporation is producing and circulating. Duong Thanh Coffee Roaster Company is proud to be one of the leading roaster companies in Vietnam.

Mars Roaster caffeine roaster is professionally designed, well suited for small and medium-sized roasting shops. Besides, Roter planet (umgangssprachlich) Roaster also provides understanding of how to roast, how to operate to create the characteristics of every type of shop.
Mars Roaster roasting machine applies advanced technologies:

Modern Hot air technology (hot combustion) can be used by large roasters around the world.
Enclosure, roasting drum is thick, 304 stainless steel is immune to high heat and strength over time.
Working with gas to produce heat keeping energy, high safety.
Can easily be rotated by account from easy to difficult.
There are 2 cooking modes: programmed or manual.

Contact to receive offer of coffee roasting machine.
Production of coffee cooking machines suited to customers' needs

To fulfill all customer requirements, Mars Roaster coffee roaster is created with different models.

Mini coffee roaster (Family coffee roaster)

Coffee cooking machine 1 ) 2kg / batch:
Well suited for households and cafes
Compact, superior design, sharp, luxurious
Basic operation, easy to use
Fast roasting time
Conveniently roasted according to difficult single profiles
The toughness of the device is very high
Find detailed information: 1. 2kg coffee roaster

2kg as well as batch coffee roasting machine:
Suited to medium and large cafes, or specified creation facilities
Sharp design, luxurious, sophisticated, modern technology
Applying hor air technology (making hot air) helps limit roasting time.
Good quality roasting, coffee cooked evenly from the inside out
Cooking speed, heat flow, breeze flow are adjusted right on the control -panel
Easily roasted according to difficult profiles
The toughness of the machine is extremely high
View details: 2kg coffee roaster

Industrial caffeine roasting machine:

Coffee cooking machine 6kg / order:
Well suited for large cafes, or small-scale production facilities
Delightful design, sharp, luxurious, leading technology today
Belong to smart, remember and run automatically in line with the roaster account, you can save eight different prifles.
There are 2 modes of use: programmed and arbitrary manual roasting
Using hot air technology (making hot air) helps shorten roasting time. High quality of roasting, coffee is evenly prepared out.
Roasting speed, temperature flow, wind are automatically or manually adjusted
Very easily roasted according to difficult profiles
The strength of the machine is very high
See details: 6kg coffee roaster

Coffee cooking machine 12kg / set:
Suitable for large restaurants, coffee shops, small , medium-sized coffee production facilities
Roter planet (umgangssprachlich) is always ahead in technology
Smart product collection, remember and run automatically a number of profiles
There are 2 roasting modes: computerized roasting or manual cooking
Equipped with heat technology (cooked with hot air)
Easily roast many difficult profiles
Machine strength is very high
See details of 12kg coffee roaster

30kg / batch roasting machine:

Suitable for large-scale retailers, chains, medium-scale production facilities
Exquisite design, sharp, leading technology today
Belong to smart machines, remember and run automatically in line with the roaster profile, it can save you 8 different profiles
You will find 2 ways of use: computerized cooking or manual cooking
Employing hot air technology (making hot air) helps cut short roasting time. High quality roasted, coffee cooked equally throughout.
Roasting speed, hot air flow, wind are automatically or manually tweaked
Easily roasted according to difficult single profiles
The toughness of the equipment is very high
See details: 30kg caffeine roaster

Build genuine espresso roaster according to consumers' requirements

To be able to meet all the needs of customers, the company received the style of genuine coffee roaster as required. You can contact the sales department directly to receive orders for the roasting machine on demand.

Why buy coffee roaster at Rang Thanh machine manufacturing company

Beautifully designed specifically for coffee charcoal grill

The most advanced cooking technology today along with beautiful and modern designs are created well suited for models of coffee roasters on the spot.

Use modern Warmth Technology

The coffee is cooked mainly by high temperature for the seeds to be cooked evenly and actively in adjusting the temperature.

Best fuel efficiency

Use Gas burning to develop heat rather than resistors to save lots of fuel

Use 304 stainless type thick, high warmth resistant, durable with time

The body is constructed of heat resistant steel and has high quality heat-resistant paint.

Lively temperature control, computerized adjusting

Use famous brand watch and wire, measure the direct temperature of espresso beans.

Modern design is not hard to use

The cooking machine Mars Roaster is designed in a modern and stylish way well suited for display and roasting straight at the line.

Constant with many customers' needs

Beautiful, modern style well suited for coffee roasting model straight at the restaurant.

Specialist operation, may rang ca phe chinh hang gia re easily be kept on mobile devices

Contemporary technology makes it simple to operate roasting machines, the proprietor can professionally beef roasts the coffee after only 3 batches of cooking under the guidance of technology transfer at the Mars Roaster.
Warranty maintenance and attractive promotions for customers who buy espresso roasting machines

2-year warrantee period for all those coffee roaster parts.
They of technicians for machine maintenance grad regularly.
Maintenance is available for a lifetime
Free of charge shipping countrywide
Free smoke cigars pipes (aluminum tubes)
Give an intensive roasting course

Organize offline sessions to share coffee roasting machines for customers to exchange experiences

Duong Thanh Caffeine Roasting Company regularly sets up offline sessions to talk about activities about coffee. Creating a playground for caffeine traders can exchange experience with the other person to bring value in business.

Get in touch with to buy Mars Roaster coffee roaster and test machine for free

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