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Current Restaurant Online Ordering System Trends That Benefit Restaurant owners

"Sean Loxton" (2019-03-02)

A market survey conducted in US has proved that a home cooked meal is a luxury. Yes, the study has revealed that 82% of total food orders are made from home and only 16% food orders are made from workplace. May be a <a href="">surprising</a> fact for some, but this is the current "Restaurant Ordering System" trend that is happening at least in the western world.

So, how do you as a restaurant owner benefit from the changing trends? Let us discuss those in this blog post. The number of food orders made with online food ordering system is skyrocketing and keeping yourself updated with the trend will help you to do great business as a restaurant owner.

<b>Online Orders vs Phone Orders</b>

Where do you think the most orders are getting placed? Without any second thought, it is online. Every online food ordering system gets their most orders via online. It is easy for users to take up their mobile gadgets, open your app or hit the browser to go your restaurant ordering system and place orders. It´s simple than <a href="">speaking</a> to a person over phone and tell your menu. Do not underestimate this current trend in online food ordering system. The numbers will only grow over time.

Social Media Ordering This is yet another current "Online Food Ordering System" Trend that you should be aware of. Imagine ordering one´s food via your Twitter and <a href=>아산냉난방기</a> let your followers know live the orders your customers place. Since people have always loved to share their stories to the world (which has made social medias so popular), social media ordering is the next big revolution in online food ordering system

<b><u>Robot Delivery in future?</u></b>

May be this is going to be a trend in the short future. Driver-less cars are already being experimented and no wonder your food will be delivered by a robotic car or a drone enabled with GPS. Just imagine that you order food through your mobile app and after a while your phone AI calls you to inform that your food that you ordered a while ago is waiting on your doorsteps for you to pick up. Not a fantasy though, it might happen in the near future. Online food ordering system might grow by leaps and bounds.