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Five Reasons to Stop Using Tap Water to Make Baby Formula

"Annetta Umberger" (2019-02-26)

tour du lịch thái lan 5 ngày giá rẻ từ hà nộiGold nanoparticles are everywhere. They are used in cancer treatments, automobile sensors, cell phones, du lịch thái lan giá rẻ từ hà nội blood sugar monitors and hydrogen gas production. the problem is "The smaller a particle, the further it can travel through tissue, along airways or in blood vessels," Dr.
Adnan Nasir, a clinical assistant professor of dermatology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, told The New York Times. "Especially if the nanoparticles are indestructible and accumulate and are not metabolized, if you accumulate them in the organs, the organs could fail," he said.Animal studies indicate nanoparticles can penetrate cells and tissues, move through the body and brain and cause biochemical damage.

They have also been linked to testicular cancer and cardiovascular system damage and du lịch thái lan giá rẻ từ hà nội may pose an environmental hazard, studies suggest.Their use in lotions and creams particularly in mineral sunscreens has drawn the most critical attention. Consumer products with nanoparticles or tour du lịch thái lan 5 ngày giá rẻ từ hà nội based on nanotechnology like clothing, surface treatments, medical treatments and devices and cosmetics have the most direct contact with the consumers.

The potential health problems related to the use of the products need to be studied immediately and assessed.