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Interviews with W. Clifford M. Scott

P. Drapeau, P. Lefebvre, M. Meloche, H. Rey


The original idea for this video-recording came from Pierre Drapeau, Henri Rey, Paul Lefebvre, and Jean Baptiste Boulanger; the first three were the interviewers along with Monique Meloche. What started as a two- or three-hour project developed into twelve hours of taped interviews over three and a half years. As Monique Meloche says, "We had greatly underestimated Dr. Scott's generosity and his endless capacity to make links between memories, metapsychology, and clinical material. He never failed to tire his interviewers out, while he was always ready to -- and sometimes did -- do two-hour sessions without a break" (1998, p. 159). The recordings were made possible with the financial backing of the S.P.M. and Le Département de l'Enseignement de l'Hôpital Sainte-Justine, as well as support from Jean-Baptiste Boulanger, Bruno Cormier, Charles Levin, Sidney Perzow, and Evelyn Scott, and the secretarial staff, Mesdames Gatien, Lalonde, and Légaré. The main contribution came from the cameramen, Roland Duchesne, and Jacques Viau.

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