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“Après un Rêve”: Transference of Passion and the Return of the Hidden Ghost of Desire

Siamak Movahedi


The analysis focuses on shared construction or transference of fantasy and
desire among subjects who are in analytic relationship with one another. The
discussion is presented within the context of observation in a supervisory situation
in which the interlocutors develop similar fantasies about imaginary
romantic objects. The supervisee’s presentation of a case of transference love
in the supervisory situation induces similar passionate feelings in the supervisor
and reactivates obsession for a similar romantic object. In this article
I am concerned with the interpersonal negotiation of passion. The question
that interests me is, How may the emotional discourse in analysis or supervision
set off a chain of desire that can then be translated into romantic fantasies
projected onto similar imaginary objects? My general questions are,
How can one “catch a passion” or steal a fantasy from someone else? And
who is stealing what from whom? That is, who is (are) the author(s) or the
owner(s) of the dreams, feelings, and passions that arise from the analytic


fantasy, desire, transference, counter-transference, enactment, psychic-coactivity, supervision

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