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Civitarese et la question du rêve

François Sirois


The paper provides a discussion with Giuseppe Civitarese on dreaming. It
unfolds along three lines. The first one nears the dream as psychic state. An
issue of method draws a line between dreaming and reverie, as relevant to
analytic listening. The second line tackles the dream as psychic object. An
issue of theory scans Bion’s notion of the dream as unconscious thinking
extended so far as to tangle up any difference between day and night psychic
processes; it dwells on Bion’s theory of thinking. The last line takes up the
dream as communication on a specific clinical issue: dreaming about the
session in analysis. As related to transference neurosis, such a dream shall
not be presented as a dream within a dream, yet it accounts for a significant
past experience to be unfolded, hence the metaphor.


dream, reverie, unconscious thinking, listening, regression

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