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Freud, héritier de Ferenczi

José Jiménez Avello


In the compilation included in volume 24 of the standard edition of Freud’s
works, Ferenczi is by far the most quoted author. This gives us a clue that
clear data allow us to assert that Ferenczi’s production influenced Freud’s.
Being virtually a newcomer to psychoanalysis, Ferenczi coins the term
introjection that Freud will incorporate in his own work. Ferenczi’s involvement
of in preparing the Clark Lectures, the almost “duet” studies about
paranoia and homosexuality, etc., bear witness to this influence on Freud.
While Ferenczi has already passed away, its presence in Freud’s work is
evident. This is most apparent in three manuscripts of the same year, 1937, otherwise consecutive: “Analysis Terminable and Interminable,” “Constructions in Analysis,” and “Splitting of the Ego in the Process of Defence.”


Ferenczi dans l’oeuvre de Freud, introjection, clivage, construction, 1937

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