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Specificité de la symbolisation dans les médiations thérapeutiques

Anne Brun


Therapeutic mediation tools such as painting, modelling, and music fall under psychoanalytical therapy when they take into account transference and psychic associativity, at the core of analytical method. These tools help the patient engage in specific symbolization processes through sensorialmotor associativity through confrontation with a medium. One primary issue of therapeutic mediations in the case of clinical forms having difficulpsychoanalytic practice and theory / clinique et théorie psychanalytiques ties to cope with symbolization consists therefore in actualizing—in the form of hallucinated sensations—non-symbolized affective sensorimotor experiences. These experiences may then become represented in productions with their entire sensorimotor register and become meaningful in the transferential dynamic.

Based on clinical cases of psychotic and autistic children, this article shows how therapeutic mediations provide a key framework to foster the emergent primary forms of symbolization.


sensorimotor associativity, metapsychology of therapeutic mediations, ensorimotricity, primary symbolization, transference

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